This site contains information on my areas of research and hobbies along with examples of my work.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I hear examples of Kulitta’s music?
    On my SoundCloud page there is a playlist of Kulitta-made music. There are also examples on my Kulitta page along with more information on the system.
  • How can I get updates on new pieces, articles, etc?
    I don’t have a great setup for this at the moment. For compositions, follow me on SoundCloud. For everything else, Facebook is the next best option.


Topics on My Site

Information on my research, both past and present.

The subject of my dissertation and ongoing research at Yale University.

A library for music representation and creation in Haskell for which I am the current maintainer.

Examples of my music compositions. For just works created using Euterpea and/or Kulitta, see this page.

Other Work
Work I have done documenting freshwater snails and marine hermit crabs in the aquarium.

Announcements, news, and my thoughts on various things.