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I am currently a Research Assistant Professor at Stevens Institute of Technology. Previously I was a Visiting Professor at Southern Methodist University and Lecturer at Yale. My current work involves research is at the intersection of artificial intelligence, machine learning, music theory, and programming languages. I am also a composer and have dabbled in other creative areas in the past, and I have a life-long interest in aquariums, fish, and aquatic invertebrates. This site contains information on various areas of my research, other work, and hobbies.

Recent Work

Work with synthesizers:

Partially algorithmic compositions using Kulitta:

  • Where can I hear other examples of Kulitta and/or Euterpea-made music?
    On my SoundCloud page there is a playlist of Kulitta-made music and also a playlist of Euterpea-made music. There are some embedded examples on my Kulitta page along with more information on the system. Higher quality recordings of some pieces are also available on my bandcamp page.
  • How can I get updates on new pieces and/or research?
    For just compositions, follow me on SoundCloud. For music AND research updates, follow me on Facebook. If you follow me on Facebook (but don’t friend), you’ll get updates on new compositions, visualizations, publications, libraries I maintain (Kulitta & Euterpea), and various other work-related projects of mine. If you friend me, you’ll also get occasional shared things that I find humorous (typically bad music puns) and periodic pictures of things relating to my other hobbies. I do not currently use Twitter or other social media sites.